Photographic Use Policy

Recently, I've been receiving a lot more requests from tourism bodies and publications to use photographs from the Long Way's Better. Given the increased frequency of requests and the fact that I've been asked by a multi-million dollar development to use photos for free and have had a photo ripped off and used by a certain listicle-based web publication without my permission, I've decided to formally prepare a Photographic Use Policy for the Long Way's Better.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I - Donovan de Souza - am the creator and copyright owner of the photos on this website. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of photographic material without express and written permission from me is strictly prohibited. The only exceptions to this are a photo incidentally appearing in a share of one of my blog posts on social media, or a share of a photo on Instagram. For Instagram, a repost of a photo is fine so long as there is an image credit and link back to @thelongwaysbetter.

That being said, if there is a photograph from the website that you would like to use for a publication or website, I am happy to negotiate its use so long as you follow the procedure outlined below.

Firstly, do the right thing and contact me. Using a photo first and then asking for permission later will make me less likely to want to help you, especially if the photographs are used in a ways that I don't agree with. You can contact me at

Secondly, while I may not make a living from photography, I understand that value of my work and will not permit any use where a photograph is used prominently while attribution is tucked away at the bottom of the article. Free use of photography will only be granted with prominent attribution of the photos to myself (Donovan de Souza) and/or The Long Way's Better, and there must be a prominent link back to the blog either within the article or in close proximity to the photo - I will not accept a link back tucked away at the bottom of the article as a worthwhile in-kind trade for 'exposure' as it is unlikely to provide me with additional traffic of any value.

Additionally, if you are given permission to use the photo, the photograph can only be used for the purpose expressed and agreed upon and cannot then be reproduced further, especially by other parties. In some cases, I will require that the ability to right click and save photos is disabled. In any case, I reserve the right to refuse the use of my photographs if I do not agree with the intended use.

If you would like the use photographs without prominent attribution, it is still possible to make a in-kind trade. An example of this is the fruitful working relationship I have with the Parks and Wildlife Service where Parks Passes and other assistance has been traded for complimentary use of photographs, or the offer I made to the multi-million dollar development for a free night's stay as a fair in-kind trade.

If you would prefer not to make an in-kind trade, then use will have to be paid for monetarily. This can be negotiated depending on the purpose and use of the photograph.

Please send all enquiries to


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