Sunday, 29 October 2017

Jarrah Walk & Forest Path (Crooked Brook Forest)

A combination of two short loop walks in Crooked Brook Forest, the Jarrah Walk and Forest Path are accessible walk trails in an unusually fertile section of the Jarrah Forest. Following well structured purpose built walk tracks, the trail features a stunning wildflower bloom in the Springtime. With the Forest Path being wheelchair accessible, this family friendly Trails WA Top Trail is suitable for all.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Kangaroo and Echidna Trails (Churchman's Bushlands)

Part of the Churchman's Bushlands trail network, the combined Kangaroo and Echidna Trails are a stunningly diverse loop walk in the Perth Hills. Starting in Jarrah forest, the trail leads to excellent views of the city from a grassy field before running along the Canning River Valley. Finishing with a bang, the trail leads to The Wall - a superb rock climbing wall - before looping up to the top. An enjoyable and underrated walk. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

A Taste of the Stirling Ridge Walk - Bluff Knoll to Moongoongoonderup Hill

The first day of a planned three day hike of the Stirling Ridge Walk, this walk starts at the Bluff Knoll car park and leads to the Moongoongoonderup Hill campsite. Taking the tourist walk up Bluff Knoll, the Stirling Ridge Walk then follows a wilder unmarked trail over East Bluff and East Peak before descending to a series of low hills. Thwarted by the range's unpredictable weather, this is an account of an incomplete ridge walk