Saturday, 29 June 2019

Abyssinia Rock Walk GPS Route (Jarrahdale State Forest)

A medium length, partly off-track loop in Jarrahdale State Forest, the Abyssinia Rock Walk GPS Route explores Abyssinia Rock. Initially following the Bibbulmun Track, the route traverses the entire length of the rock and the next granite outcrop along before looping back through Jarrah forest and crossing a number of creeks. One of Walk GPS's more on-track walks, this is a good trail walk for partly off-track walking

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Wiilman Bilya Trail (Wellington National Park)

The first part of a planned multi-day loop in Wellington National Park, the Wiilman Bilya Trail follows the shores of Wellington Reservoir from Coalfields Hwy to Wellington Dam itself.  Passing through some of the finest Jarrah forest in Australia to the excellent Nyingarn campsite, the trail is left down by some compromised route choices and severe burns through extended sections that spoil the trail's natural beauty and potential

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Rocks Walk (Shannon National Park)

A short but moderately steep loop walk in Shannon National Park, the Rocks Walk explores a stunning section of mixed forest to two granite formations. Starting at Shannon Dam surrounded by Karri trees, the trail rises up the Mokare Rock before descending to a side trip to Smeather's Rock. Featuring excellent lookout points and beautiful forest walking, this is a worth the detour to check out while in the Northcliffe area

Lefroy Brook Loop Walk (Gloucester National Park)

A 1.5 kilometre loop walk in Gloucester National Park, the Lefroy Brook Loop Walk takes in the famous Cascades of the Pemberton area. Starting at the day use area, the trail follows Lefroy Brook to the Cascades and then continues along the more gentle course of the brook. Heading up through Karri forest, the walk offers some pleasant forest walking. While short, this is a trail of excellent quality that can be enjoyed by the whole family

Beedelup Loop Walk (Beedelup National Park)

An excellent loop walk in Beedelup National Park, the Beedelup Loop Walk explores many of the sights near Karri Valley Resort. Starting near Beedelup Falls, the walk heads down the valley towards the Walk Through Tree before heading through Karri Valley Resort itself as it skirts the shores of Lake Beedelup. Ascending again, the trail ends with spectacular views of the falls in action. A great short walk in the Southern Forest

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Flynn Hills Walk GPS Route (Wandoo National Park)

A medium length, mostly off-track walk in Wandoo National Park, the Flynn Hills Walk GPS Route explore this seldom visited national park. Starting in open Wandoo woodlands, the trail passes through interesting granite boulders, up and over laterite ridges and through a surprising variety of forest and landscape types. While 96% off-track, this pleasant walk is a great way to test out your navigational skills