Monday, 31 August 2015

Echidna Trail (Walyunga National Park)

The longest of the five walks in Walyunga National Park, the Echidna Trail takes walkers along the Avon River before heading up the valley into less explored areas of the park. Featuring expansive views of the Avon Valley and Perth in the distance, the trail is also one of the best in Perth for spotting grazing kangaroos. This trail is at its finest in late winter/early spring with the waters flowing and the park's wildflowers in bloom.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bibbulmun Track (WA) - Marginata Rd to Sullivan Rock

Arguably the best sectional day walk in the Darling Scarp, this 22 kilometre trek takes walkers from the little known access point on Marginata Rd to Sullivan Rock. Along the way, walkers get to cross a bridge over the same Canning River that feeds into the Swan River and climb over the small mountains of Mt Cuthbert and Mt Vincent.  With stunning views of of the Darling Scarp, this is a walk of challenge and reward in equal measure.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Kitty's Gorge Walk Trail (Serpentine National Park)

Kitty's Gorge is a stunning return walk in the Jarrah Woodlands of the Darling Scarp, leading walkers from the town of Jarrahdale to the beautiful Serpentine Falls via the rocky Gooralong Brook and Serpentine River. Along the way walkers will view small waterfalls and rapids, moss-covered granite outcrops and a particularly magical section filled with butterflies, making it one of the best day walks in Perth and deserving of its status as one of WA's Top Trails. 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Bibbulmun Track (WA) - Dale Rd to Brookton Hwy

A sectional day walk through an area burnt by fires in February 2015, this intriguing walk on the Bibbulmun Track from Dale Rd to Brookton Hwy via Mt Dale campsite showcases a forest in regeneration. Marvel at clear delineations between areas severely burnt and those that were barely touched, and the way Eucalypts and Grass Trees can spring back to life even after such devastation.