Sunday, 25 August 2019

FR Berry Walk Trail (FR Berry Reserve)

A short 2.7 kilometre waterfall walk, the FR Berry Walk Trail explores the lovely FR Berry Reserve. Starting at the upper car park, the trail descends to then follow vehicles track to the stunning cascades and waterfall along Wooroloo Brook. Returning back past a jumble of granite outrcrops, the trail loops back to the start through pleasant Wandoo. An easy waterfall walk well worth visiting

Honeyeater Hike (Bungendore Park)

A 7.7 km forest walk in Bungendore Park, the Honeyeater Hike is the longest trail in the park's trial network. Starting at Albany Hwy, the well marked trail follows a series of vehicle tracks through the park, taking walkers to a lovely valley and heath filled with blooming wildflowers in the springtime. A detailed trail with the greatest concentration of boot cleaning stations, this is a pleasant walk option in the Perth Hills that is worth checking out

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Carmel Walk (Korung National Park)

A short forest stroll in Korung National Park, the Carmel Walk follows a figure eight through a parcel of burnt Jarrah forest. Starting at Morton Rd, the trail loops through the charred trees over its first loop before passing a cherry blossom orchard and into the nicer second loop. Returning to the orchard, the trail passes by a section that is home to cockatoos. An uneventful walk that is not one of the Shire of Kalamunda's best