Saturday, 28 September 2019

Yued Ponar Trail (Leseuer National Park)

A spectacular wildflower walk in Leseuer National Park, the Yued Ponar Trail explores a variety of elevations and vegetation types through the region's biodiverse heath. Initially starting over a creek and passing through lowlands filled with wildflowers (in season), the trail rises up to Mt Peron and the Kada Boodja lookout for an incredible variety of wildflowers. Finishing again in the lowlands, the trail ends with one of the most spectacular wildlflower displays in Western Australia during the wildflower season. A must do walk

Friday, 27 September 2019

Ochre Trail (Dryandra Woodlands National Park)

An excellent loop walk in Dryandra Woodlands National Park, the Ochre Trail explore both the natural features and Aboriginal heritage of the area. Starting through lovely Wandoo forest, the trail rises up the laterite breakaway for lovely walking along the ridge. Passing the old fire lookout tower site and an ochre pit as clear points of interest, this is one of the best trails in the Dryandra Woodlands area

Kawana Walk (Dryandra Woodlands National Park)

One of the shorter family friendly trails in Dryandra Woodlands National Park, the Kawana Trail explores the forest immediately adjacent to the Lions Dryandra Woodlands Village. Heading through a mix of Brown Mallet and Wandoo woodlands as well as dryandra-filled heath, this pleasant trail is all the more vibrant and special during Western Australia's wildflower season

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Point Ann Heritage Trail (Fitzgerald River National Park)

A very short but enjoyable walk in Fitzgerald River National Park, the Point Ann Heritage Trail explore the landscape of Point Ann while engaging with its heritage values. Starting at the Point Ann car park, the trail passes by a section of the infamous Rabbit Proof Fence before heading back along Point Charles Bay taking in spectacular coastal views. Featuring wildflowers blooms in Springtime, this is short trail well worth checking out

West Mount Barren (Fitzgerald River National Park)

A small mountain walk in Fitzgerald River National Park, this short trail rises to the summit of West Mt Barren. Starting along boardwalk, the trail then rises up a moderately steep trail before a more gentle approach to the summit. Featuring commanding views of the Fitzgerald Coastline, the walk is at its best during the wildflower season when a profusion of colourful flowers can be seen all the way to the summit

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Bickley Brook to Lions Lookout Walk GPS Route (Korung National Park)

A 100% on track Walk GPS Route, the Bickley Brook to Lions Lookout Walk combines two of Shire of Kalamunda walks to create a 10 kilometre loop. Starting at Hardinge Park, the trail explores the Bickley Brook Valley before heading over to Lions Lookout via a linking trail. Featuring areas renowned for their Spring wildflower blooms, this a perfect beginners' Walk GPS Route